Morricone Youth

Morricone Youth
is a New York City band formed in 1999 dedicated to performing and recording old film and television soundtrack and library production music. Current members include Devon E. Levins (guitar), John Castro (bass/vocals), Timur Yusef (drums), Ayo Awosika (vocals/percussion), Dan Kessler (keyboards), Fraser Campbell (tenor saxophone clarinet/flute), Daniel Lehner (trombone), and Steven-Jon Billings (trumpet). In addition to a repertoire of over 100 reworkings of soundtrack covers, many of which recorded for various EPs released by Country Club Records, the band composes original music much in the same vein for the "imaginary film" as well as for live settings to accompany silent films, midnight movies, animations and shorts. Morricone Youth recorded its debut full length album of original music entitled "Silenzio Violento" with legendary Brooklyn producer/engineer Martin Bisi released by Country Club Records in 2005. The band's music has regularly been used for television and films, most recently in the documentary "Second Skin" directed by Juan Carlos Pineiro-Escoriaza about MMORPGs (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games). The band is currently writing for its follow up full length album.

Guitarist/founder DEVON E. LEVINS has been a dedicated soundtrack record collector since the 80's and hosted a weekly internet radio show on East Village Radio from 2007-2014 under the same Morricone Youth name curating primarily obscure music written for the moving image and interviewing soundtrack composers and filmmakers. Devon is currently hosting an all new soundtrack radio show MORRICONE ISLAND on WFMU ( FM in NYC/NJ) every Tuesday from 7-8pm EST.

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